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Learn how to be sure your child is using, how to stage a successful intervention, how to select the best rehab center, what to expect of rehab, how to find stellar aftercare, how to guide your child down the path of long-term sobriety after treatment, and much, much more.

Many parents are unsure of what to do when you realize that your child is doing drugs. It can be a confusing and uncertain time in your and your child’s life. My Kid’s On Drugs, Now What? by Adam Jasinski explores the exact steps you need to take so that your child can be on the road to recovery. Real advice from a guy who has been through it all.

The million dollar question: Is my child doing drugs? Whether you have a fleeting idea that your child is trying drugs or you found needles in their nightstand, it’s always a question of certainty. Is my child using drugs? As a parent, it is easy to be in denial. It is easy to believe your son’s or daughter’s made up story about how the weed is their friend’s or they just tried it once. What is hard is accepting the fact that your once little boy or girl is growing up and making decisions, and obviously, at this point, the wrong ones. There are many reasons why people pick up drugs, but what you as a parent need are definite answers and knowledge of what drugs are being abused.


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