Real Life Experiences

Adam Jasinski’s advice doesn’t hold punches and comes from both personal and professional experience after struggling with addiction for many years. ‘My Kid’s on Drugs, Now What?’ is the most comprehensive book on addiction treatment available on the market. Adam provides insight from real-life experiences in dealing with addiction and mental health issues.

You raised your kids from birth, so your gut is your best adviser. If your instincts are telling you it’s getting bad, it’s probably getting bad. The way you react and approach the situation either makes it better or worse. Also, even though it’s hard because you raised your baby with so much care, do not be a parent in denial or a parent like my mom who blames all of my friends. Your child makes his or her own decisions. Just know how fast casual use can turn to dependence and abuse of harder substances. The earlier you catch it, the better. If your child is under eighteen, it is a bit easier to get them to conform to your requests.

Knowing why your kid is using is a whole other topic, but be aware of these things. These are sensitive times in their lives. Be their rock, be a parent, be a friend, and be concerned. If they are using drugs you are unfamiliar with, find out everything you can about those drugs. To discover what they are using, either go with the at-home drug test method or take them to the doctor for a blood test. Whatever method you choose, a definitive test will steer the conversation from constant denial to “OK, what are we going to do about it next?” Get ahead of the abuse before it gets ahead of you. No matter how uncomfortable, inconvenient, or heartbreaking it is, please know for sure if your child is using drugs.


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