No Holds Barred Advice

Learn everything, from the science of addiction to rehab all the way through to aftercare and tricks for staying sober. In this book, you will find actionable, detailed steps on how you can help your loved one shake the bonds of addiction and achieve a fulfilling, sober life. My Kid’s On Drugs, Now What? by Adam Jasinski provides all the information you need to know about addiction.

You raised your kids from birth, so your gut is your best adviser. If your instincts are telling you it’s getting bad, it’s probably getting bad. The way you react and approach the situation either makes it better or worse. Also, even though it’s hard because you raised your baby with so much care, do not be a parent in denial or a parent like my mom who blames all of my friends. Your child makes his or her own decisions. Just know how fast casual use can turn to dependence and abuse of harder substances. The earlier you catch it, the better. If your child is under eighteen, it is a bit easier to get them to conform to your requests.

Here are some telltale signs for different drugs:

  • Alcohol: smell it on their breath, throwing up
  • Marijuana: the odor, rolling papers, bowl bong, cigar papers … and tie-dyed shirts
  • Prescription pills, Benzos: your pills are missing, badly slurred words, loss of memory
  • Prescription pills, Opiates: empty or missing pill bottles from a past injury, itching, scratching their nose, pinpoint pupils, slow speech
  • Cocaine: sniffling, loss of weight, bags under eyes, no money, missing money, stays up all night, missing for a few days, huge pupils, talkative, heightened speech
  • Heroin: needles, poor complexion, almost sick looking, wearing long sleeves to cover track marks, vomiting, withdrawal symptoms, groggy speech, missing money
  • PCP: Delusional, breath smells like cleaning fluid, erratic behavior
  • Club drugs: all of a sudden they blast electronic music, want to go to raves, come home telling you they love you, have a hard time sleeping, vomit frequently, look like they are just wasted.
  • Designer drugs, Bath salts: Extreme paranoia, insane behavior, strip and run around naked (not kidding).

* This is not an all-encompassing list but will give you the gist of it.


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